The 5C model of induction provides a framework for the school and beginning teachers to work together to make the early weeks of teaching rewarding and successful.

This framework will also assist beginning teachers and their supervisors to develop a personal professional learning plan.

Initially CONTEXTUAL information will have a lot of emphasis and will focus on 'where to go' and 'how to get things done', while further into the induction process, the focus will shift to CONTEXT, CURRICULUM and CLASSROOM.

Often the most appropriate time to access CONTEXT information is at the point of need. Most initial context information can be provided by a buddy teacher or by referring to the school handbook, whereas the CURRICULUM and CLASSROOM information will come during planning time with the supervisor and/ or mentor/coach.

Ideally the early weeks will include:

  • CUSTOMISED school processes to accommodate needs

  • CONNECTIONS with more experiences teachers and other beginning teachers

  • initial contact and understandings about the school CONTEXT

  • initial awareness developed about the relevant CURRICULUM issues and CLASSROOM procedures.