The various stakeholders in the induction process are listed below. Their roles and responsibilities will vary in nature and intensity depending on the task and the phase of induction.

For example, a buddy will have constant contact with a beginning teacher during the first phase of induction and this will decrease as the process moves to the other phases of induction; a beginning teacher will have constant ongoing contact with their supervisor throughout all phases of induction; direct contact with the Principal may only occur at specific times.

It is the responsibility of the beginning teacher to engage in school-based induction programs, reflect on their professional competence and take responsibility for managing their accreditation process.

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More about the responsibilities of the beginning teacher (.pdf 139kB).

The Principal has overall responsibility for all teachers in the school and will be required to ‘sign-off’ on the performance of the beginning teacher.

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More about the role of the Principal (.pdf 208kB).

Every teacher has a supervisor who is usually a member of the school executive. The supervisor supports professional growth and development towards the beginning teachers’achievement of the standards at Proficient.

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More about the role of the supervisor (.pdf 136kB).

Some schools, particularly large schools with significant numbers of beginning teachers, may have a person whose role it is to coordinate the induction process within the school. In other instances this may be the mentor/coach or the Principal.

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More about the role of the school-based induction coordinator (.pdf 108kB).

A mentor/coach assists beginning teachers to refine and develop their teaching practice and to gain or maintain accreditation at the level of Proficient. They observe lessons, assist with assessment and reporting of student learning and guide you towards effective classroom management.

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More about the role of the mentor/coach (.pdf 280kB).

A friendly 'go-to' colleague who supports the beginning teacher with everyday questions such as how to go about getting photocopying done, etc.

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More about the role of the buddy teacher (.pdf 180kB).

A supportive, collegial team who assists the beginning teacher with issues such as planning and programming as well as classroom management.

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More about the role of the colleagues (.pdf 174kB).